Thought I’d revisit yesterdays post because I’d made a major spelling blooper in it. Thanks to Iain from Little House In The Paddy for letting me know my mistake.

The word I had intended to use to describe the woman in the charity shop was genteel meaning – Marked by refinement in taste and manners. I’d written gentile which, with its pejorative connotations, I’d never use. Not mentally, verbally or written down.

Attentive To Stopping

As I walked in I noticed the elderly woman volunteer taking the weight off in a changing cubicle. She was remembering aloud. Dunkirk, the flying bombs, the war – WW2. The young volunteer behind the counter of the charity shop was obviously not interested. Soon I was riding right along with the older woman. It doesn’t take much to find points of contact. Oh yes, I used to play on a wrecked Doodlebug in the woods near where I lived. I said. Did you really! she replied. And before I knew it we were talking dancing and I was encouraging her to show me how to do the Palais Glide! She was a genteel lady. I’d stop and talk some more however I’ve an appointment to keep. I said. Would you really talk some more, she reply obviously surprised somebody would want to talk to her. How sad I thought. But before I left she placed her hands on my hips and we attempted to effect a few steps of the Conga! Right there in the Help The Aged shop.

Somebody, a good friend, said to me today, You Mugo are one of those people who don’t know when to stop! She meant well and I have taken her thought on board. It was not new news anyway. Yes, I’ve a strong constitution and able to, and in the habit of, pushing through. Many might actually have to stop – take a break, rest, have a breather, take the weight off. I’m a run and crash type. But then there are the calls, like the one this morning, which highlights the imperative to be attentive to stopping.

Knowing when to stop, and doing so, covers just about every bit of doing we do throughout the day. My friends comment, and the lady dancer, have given me cause to pause….

The Universe Cooperates – Schedule

The Schedule page has just been filled out listing where I’ll be until the end of May. Updates will be posted fairly regularly so check back if you are wondering were I am. I hope it goes without saying I’m glad to meet and talk with Jade readers, anytime and anywhere, should our paths cross.

Reflecting on today I’m in awe at how details have fallen into place with amazing ease: flight details, lifts to and from airports, arrangements to visit temples and individual before flying, people I phoned or emailed answered briskly. It’s great when this happens. The Universe, as I like to say, is definitely cooperating.

Thank you for your well wishes. All much appreciated.

Everything is subject to change,
What has become clear and arranged today,
May be rearranged tomorrow!
Like it, or like it not.

No More Than Twice

Found – a desiccated apple core, used tissues, a paper clip, dust balls – under the bed. Seen, remembered and later vacuumed. I’m beyond feeling virtuous about all this clearing up, clearing out and giving away – stuff. Love it and leave it behind….

At the back of my wardrobe a weeks worth of Chinese herbs, long forgotten. Now sprinkled and mixed in with the wood chippings at the bottom of the drive!

Long day. Much sorting done. Mostly packed. Luggage labels to write. US Dollars? – check. US Driving License? – check. Expiry date? (2013) – phew! Passport? – check. Visa in passport? – nope.

It is so very easy to drown in details and yet the details do need to be checked too. How not to drown? Check once and no more than twice!

Moving Onwards

It is count down time. Four, three, two, one – GO! By next Wednesday I’ll have stowed my belongings in an attic at Throssel. The room I’ve been using will be empty and ready for another occupant. And I’ll be on the road; in the air, on buses and trains, walking and generally moving over and above the earth. I’ll keep you posted.

Sorry for long gaps in posting. The Internet connection here in the wilds of Northumberland has been, at best, intermittent….. uh! and I am taking my chances when I can and posting just this. For now.

I’m well for those who become concerned for my health. And happy too even though in some ways I’m becoming, once again, a monk with no fixed abode.