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The Schedule page has just been filled out listing where I’ll be until the end of May. Updates will be posted fairly regularly so check back if you are wondering were I am. I hope it goes without saying I’m glad to meet and talk with Jade readers, anytime and anywhere, should our paths cross.

Reflecting on today I’m in awe at how details have fallen into place with amazing ease: flight details, lifts to and from airports, arrangements to visit temples and individual before flying, people I phoned or emailed answered briskly. It’s great when this happens. The Universe, as I like to say, is definitely cooperating.

Thank you for your well wishes. All much appreciated.

Everything is subject to change,
What has become clear and arranged today,
May be rearranged tomorrow!
Like it, or like it not.

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6 thoughts on “The Universe Cooperates – Schedule”

  1. You seem to be staying in some nice places. I live near Preston myself, and have been very lucky to have a job that got me around the whole of the County. Lancaster is so full of history, it oozes from the walls and cobbles, Preston has some fantastic places around it. The Ribble Valley on a bright misty morning is so magical, it is like the valley is still under the bed sheets awaiting a kindly soul to stir awake with a cup of tea and some porrage for breakfast. Longridge will get you a fantastic view of Preston, Blackburn and you will see the Blackpool Tower. I do hope you enjoy your stay. I suppose you are staying in my workplace as I work outside (in all weathers). Enjoy.

  2. “Everything is subject to change,
    What has become clear and arranged today,
    May be rearranged tomorrow!
    Like it, or like it not.”

    You know that could have been written by Ryokan or Bassho or some other ancient sage but it is so true, even today.

    Nothing can be fully predicted.

    Sunday is usually a bit of a lazy day for me. I don’t drop in to the Studio in Lancaster until about mid afternoon. The kettle is ever on. So if you’re anywhere near the Castle….



  3. I’m so glad things have worked out, so that you can come! You’ll be here doing the “Eisheiligen”, “Ice Saints”, hopefully we it won’t get too cold in the Black Forest. This is usually seen as the last frost date for the region.

    “The Ice Saints is the name given to St. Mamertus, St. Pancras, and St. Servatius in Dutch, Hungarian, German, Austrian, and Swiss folklore. They are so named because their feast days fall on the days of May 11, May 12, and May 13 respectively. The period from May 12 to May 15 was noted to bring a brief spell of colder weather.

    In Poland, the Ice Saints are St. Pancras, St. Servatus and St. Boniface; St. Boniface’s feast day falling on May 14. The trio are known collectively as the ‘cold gardeners’, the three days culminating in ‘Zimna Zo?ka’ (Cold Sophia’s), the feast day of St. Sophia which falls on May 15.” From Wikipdedia.

    I’ve enjoyed learning some of the folklore and farmer’s sayings since living here. Take care of yourself and I’m looking forward to meeting you!

  4. First I have heard about these Ice Saints, and as for ‘Cold Sophia’! – brrrr. However it was good you mentioned the possibility of it being cold at the temple.

  5. Thanks Norman the two you mention are well out of my class. I was somewhat haunted today by the thought my travel plans, made yesterday, would indeed need to be rearranged today! So far nothing has changed. Or needed to be changed.

    Thanks for the offer of the visit. But probably not. Not this time.

  6. Love Lancashire, love it a lot. Manchester is my ‘home city’ where I ‘grew up’. London left me scared. Emigrating ‘up North’ as a teen was the southern girls big adventure. One I have never regretted.

    There will be some ‘outside’ time this week-end, and hopefully some photographs too.

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