No More Than Twice

Found – a desiccated apple core, used tissues, a paper clip, dust balls – under the bed. Seen, remembered and later vacuumed. I’m beyond feeling virtuous about all this clearing up, clearing out and giving away – stuff. Love it and leave it behind….

At the back of my wardrobe a weeks worth of Chinese herbs, long forgotten. Now sprinkled and mixed in with the wood chippings at the bottom of the drive!

Long day. Much sorting done. Mostly packed. Luggage labels to write. US Dollars? – check. US Driving License? – check. Expiry date? (2013) – phew! Passport? – check. Visa in passport? – nope.

It is so very easy to drown in details and yet the details do need to be checked too. How not to drown? Check once and no more than twice!

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4 thoughts on “No More Than Twice”

  1. Crossing my fingers that your visa shows up soon! Or as they say here in Germany: “die Daumen drücken”—“pressing the thumbs”!

  2. Hmmmm I like this.

    From one who has a tendency – under certain circumstances – to ‘drown in details’.

    Thank you Rev. Mugo.

  3. So you will see from the Schedule page I’ll be at your home temple in just about a weeks time. There will be some work to do in the garden. My gloves are at the ready. Looking forward to meeting you in person.

  4. Yep! Let us not drown Julie. Sometimes details just take care of themselves without our help. But mostly not!

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