Another Grand Day Out

The huge black cast iron tea kettle was swinging wildly on its hook above the Muker Tea Shop. The wind was that strong. Even so a small group, including a dog, walked in Upper Swaledale today. From Keld to Muker and back with a stop of lunch. Brrr was it cold! We were a bit early in the year to see the wildflower meadows however the photographs on this site show the area really well. It is well worth a tour of the site, the photographs are really good.

The drive to Keld reminded me once again how very close I am to this wild country of Yorkshire. Stunning at any time of the year. But best of all, today, was the opportunity to walk and talk with members of the Sangha. To test out my thoughts and learn too. Wonderful. Another Grand Day Out and thanks particularly to Nic for organizing the event for us.


In a car park, Calw Black Forest. Calw is the birthplace of Hermann Hesse.

Since my last entry I have traveled! (Southern Germany to North West England, with an over night stops in The Netherlands and Northumberland). AND A dead hard drive brought back to life. (Who said the professionals know everything!) A couple of days rest and recovery. Several loads of laundry. Several hours trying to fathom knitting pattern instructions….(photo of garment to follow.)

Yes, I am recovered enough to sit and type this. I am inspired by the comment asking if my return to England meant I stopped writing posts! No, the posts must go on. Ideally I like to write every day and if not that every other day.

” . . . it is not for me to pass judgment on those prisoners who put their own people above everyone else. Who can throw a stone at a man who favors his friends under circumstances when, sooner or later, it is a question of life or death? No man should judge unless he asks himself in absolute honesty whether in a similar situation he might not have done the same.” p. 68.

Victor Frankl – Man’s Search For Meaning.

A moment to ponder I think.

Where It Is

The Three Treasures bell.

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful,
we must carry it with us or we find it not.


Searching here and there
we may trip
falling over a stone
find it beautiful!

Mugo – May 2012

Here ends this series of poems and sayings. Quite soon I will climb aboard transport and eventually find myself in the North West of England again. Until then thank you to those who have read here, have left comments and who continue to read here. All very much appreciated.
May you bump into beauty, or what ever you want to call that which causes the heart to burst into song. My time here in the Black Forest and in The Netherlands has been song-full!

Refusing To Bite – Second Part Of Ryokan’s poem

Walking meditation path.
Here is the second part of the poem by Master Ryokan. He was pondering the ‘first cause’ and reports that the workings of my mind go dead. Now he asks others what their response is….

I took these words to the old woman in the house to the east;
the old woman in the house to the east was not pleased.
I questioned the old man in the house to the west;
the old man in the house to the west puckered his brow and walked away.
I tried writing the question on a biscuit, fed it to the dogs,
but even the dogs refused to bite….

Master Ryokan

First Cause

Full moon over Mount Shasta, California.

All things born of causes end when causes run out;
but causes, what are they born of?
That very first cause – where did it come from?
At this point words fail me, workings of my mind go dead.

Master Ryokan

The rest of the poem to follow tomorrow, hopefully