Where It Is

The Three Treasures bell.

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful,
we must carry it with us or we find it not.


Searching here and there
we may trip
falling over a stone
find it beautiful!

Mugo – May 2012

Here ends this series of poems and sayings. Quite soon I will climb aboard transport and eventually find myself in the North West of England again. Until then thank you to those who have read here, have left comments and who continue to read here. All very much appreciated.
May you bump into beauty, or what ever you want to call that which causes the heart to burst into song. My time here in the Black Forest and in The Netherlands has been song-full!

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9 thoughts on “Where It Is”

  1. Most of the poems and writings I have used in the past days have come from In Nature is Life, edited by Dalton Exley. Great photographs too.

    The merit of these posts are offered to all those who have made the temple and forest garden the gentle oasis it has become. Thank you to each of you.

  2. Although I have not commented recently thank you for the posts. Wonderful. Many things to ponder and the direction to take those thoughts.
    With warm regards and bows

  3. I’m new to your site. Does your return to England mean a halt to entries? I hope not, because the voice and vision appeal to me. (I’m a fellow Brit, a Geordie, actually, long resident in the US.) I’ve added you to my blogroll, and will plan to check in from time to time. Metta!

  4. Peter, Thank you for linking to Jade on your site. I don’t have a link list and that is mostly because the list would be endless and I would not know where to start in terms of editing such a list. So I consider myself open to what is on the web and hope people can find lists such as yours where they can look through and see what grabs them. To be honest I don’t have so much time to read widely and mostly rely on readers sending me links of interest via the contact form (or my email directly if known).

    As you will have seen I was moved to post yesterday after a few days gap in response to your comment above. Touched that the voice and vision on Jade appeals. All you can do with something like this is let what ever comes through ones fingers just come through, flow if you like.

    I did guess you are a Brit by your second name. My teacher had a good friend who was a Clothier, lived in Sussex.

  5. like ’em Angie. I like the photograph a lot and it has been used on a card. Did you spot Rev. Mildreds name on the plaque?

  6. Glad you enjoyed them. Sometimes it is good to do a run of something like that. And then it is good to get back to writing again. Always takes me a few days to get back into my stride, so to speak.

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