‘So’ – Like a Noxious Weed

So, another day draws to a close full of activity, notably celebrating my cousins 80th birthday with him and his family. And, since I’ve been staying close by, I once again have had the opportunity to view the art installation at Crosby beach near Liverpool titled Another Place. But that’s not my main thought tonight. My thought is about language, and my use of it. In particular the use of ‘So’ at the start of a sentence. I have also noticed a growing habit of mine of starting sentences with ‘and’ which everybody knows is simply not on. But I’m apparently wrong. Starting a sentence with but? Not on either.

Anyway back to the use of ‘so’ . Consider this from John Humphrys, our very own presenter for the ‘Today’ program on BBC Radio 4.

He blamed the rise of ‘so’ on bumbling academics who use it ‘perhaps to buy a bit of time when they’re not quite sure how to answer the question’. However, he lamented that: ‘Now the misplaced “so” has invaded everyday speech like some noxious weed in an untended garden’.

At the very least paying attention to what comes out of ones mouth, considering what is broadcast, refraining from words better not spoken, is a good practice.

Good Evening

The birds are singing into the fading evening. Overnight the trees are bursting into leaf. Could it be spring?

Ducks in a Row?

I’ve been working through a bundle of routine health checks since returning to England. Turns out I am healthy! According to the numbers and scans and x rays anyway. But all the checks do not stave off the fact of mortality. Or the numbers prove anything perminently true either.

My heart goes out to those known and those I don’t known whose test results, scans and numbers point towards serious conditions. My heart sinks at the thought. And waiting for ‘results’, just waiting, can be nerve wracking. I can run with fear phantasies with the best and have done so. And recently.

People often worry about their meditation practice. Is it deep enough, long enough, frequent enough, peaceful enough? Thank goodness spiritual practice cannot be measured, counted, analaysed or otherwise checked up on. But most of us have given that a try anyway!

So. Pointing our noses in the direction of travel is about the best that can be done. No gold standards, ultimately no ducks in rows. Mortality is mortality. Meanwhile, I’m with the ducks!

No Separate Suffering

Tracking a whole lot of suffering tonight. Remaining still in the midst of life/death dramas unfolding thousands of miles away. Not distant in a very real sense though.

Let’s pour spiritual merit into the bottomless bucket of suffering. Somehow there are not individuals involved. Not separate sufferings, while at the same time there are.

Rocking Wisdom!

Not too little,
Not too much
What ever you have
you can manage it
that’s why you have it.


The international girl band, GRRRL were interviewed this week on Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4. Above is the refrain from the song they sang live on the program.