The Benefits of Breathing – Re post

Have you ever paused to notice?
if your mouth is closed
when you breathe in
and when you breathe out?

Have you ever considered?
if your mouth is OPEN
while you walk in silence
and have you wondered why?

Have you ever paid attention?
to the soft touch of top on bottom lip
and noticed the wonder of it
in your toes?

Have you ever paused to ponder?
if mouth open or closed
while breathing through your day

A friend pointed out the merits of nose breathing, whenever possible, as against mouth breathing.

Why wander the world panting? Surely life is not one long emergency.
Is it?

A Time to Be Still

Everything in the garden is lovely.

And if what is of earth forgets you,
Say to that earth of silence: I flow.
Say to the rushing waters: I am.

This comes at the very end of book two of Rilke’s Sonnet to Orpheus

Everything in the garden is STILL lovely.

This post is for all those who have died, known to you personally.