Birth, Old Age, Disease and Death

There never seems to be lack of opportunities for talking about old age, disease and death. They are all around and with that birth/life, an endless cycle. Down at the river more baby ducklings. Ten the other day scooting across the surface of the water, today six. Were the other four up-river or down the otters gullet! They do say there is an otter abroad in these parts. Something so charming about otters. If you like ’em here’s one caught on camera on Shetland.

Lee over at Future Health 2020 has gone into remission after six months of chemo having been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma almost six months ago. I’d mentioned Lee’s positive outlook to his health situation in a post titled Sustained Intention back in April.

Dave of Holding no bough has been pondering on the ‘black dog’. Depression it is said is anger spread thin. Anyway he invited his ‘demon’ to tea and over stayed his welcome somewhat but not without providing some interesting insights. I believe we come out of unity in order that the very unity of which we are might see itself. Nice one Dave.

As you might guess from recent posts I’ve been thinking about death for a reason. When Somebody Dies, just published on Field of Merit site, has me talking about the death process and meditation. It is a merit post.

A good monastic friend turns the big seven o tomorrow and every good wish and congratulations to him. Seventy is no age at all when once it would have been old age.

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