Worry is?

Nothing is ever black or white!
Nothing is ever black or white!

Worry is
negative visualisation.

And perhaps because nothing in life is ever black or white the tendency is to mentally and emotionally swing between black and white and all the in-between subtle colorations. All fodder for, most often, negative visualisation.

When you think about it why on earth would one visualise ones life negatively? There is a choice.

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4 thoughts on “Worry is?”

  1. When I get caught up in agonising over a decision or an option to take on something,by bringing to mind the words ;negative visualisation: it helps me to stand back and see what is really going on.Indeed I seem to spend alot of my time in negative visualisation. Thanks Rev. Mugo for these little gems,
    In gassho,

  2. Well thanks to you John. Glad you like this one. I’ll have to try and bring it to mind when I’m err…visualising negatively!

  3. What worry is, I don’t know, I am not sure. Honestly: what it means for others I fully respect. The effect I experience when I start worrying, is a strengthening of a sense of me, that might even become painfull. I suffer. If the pain is not the worrying but the sense of me, it might offer a complete different perspective investigating this. It brings me to the question, where would worry be if there wasn’t really ‘me’. Maybe the worry needs ‘me’.

  4. Thanks for this penetrating and helpful inquiry, Wick! There’s like a pivot point when your perspective moves from the “me-ness” of worry that, for me, brings a certain clear seeing.

    Warm regards, Jim

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