A Mind Subject To Changing

This last week I’ve had much opportunity to reflect on the matter of trust while walking slowly (walking meditation but not to obviously!) in the corridors of a hospital. On Friday I wrote a post titled Intend to Trust which relates somewhat to my experiences this week. Right at the end of the post there is reference to the importance of listening to those inner promptings which may involve needing to back tracking on a course of action. The matter of the embarrassment one feels when a change of mind or heart is made public is a subject all of its own for a future post.

Living in society, functioning within a community, one endevours to prove oneself trust worthy through ones consistent behaviour. When it becomes necessary to go back on ones word this inevitably brings censure, however good and right the the reason. So intending to trust enters a whole new dimension when it comes to trusting oneself in pressured circumstances, don’t you think.

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