The Back Burner and Creativity

When a section of Buddhist teaching or some advice offered just doesn’t seem to ‘sit right’ or ‘ring true’ we advise putting it on the back burner (to cook slowly over time) and wait. Sometimes years later something somebody said or something read will come back with clarity and meaning to teach just when it is most needed. Here is a poet who uses much the same method.

The American poet Amy Lowell spoke of dropping a subject she had in mind for a poem, “much as one drops a letter into a mailbox.” From that point, she said, she simply waited for the answer to come “by return post.” Sure enough, six months later she would find the words of the chosen subject coming into her head.
From American Poetry: The Twentieth Century Robert Haas. compiler, 2000.

Creativity, the process, is always of interest to me. We are all blessed with the capacity are we not. Patience seems to be paramount.

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