A Saving Grace

Here’s a wonderful observation from Henrey Miller. I subscribe to the thought of not taking things too seriously. My response to a seeming disaster is ‘nobody has died, been maimed, abused or needs to be taken to hospital’! Let’s be grateful’. Often I’ll laugh with the thought, ‘how human’. Of course, we all do have to take responsibility for when things go wrong or a mistake is made but getting all worked up about it doesn’t help the situation. Retraining a sense of humour helps to maintain a sense of proportion. A saving grace.

Perhaps the most comforting thing about growing old gracefully is the increasing ability not to take things too seriously. One of the big differences between a genuine sage and a preacher is gaiety. When the sage laughs it is a belly laugh; when the preacher laughs, which is all too seldom, it is on the wrong side of the face.

Henry Miller, (December 26, 1891–June 7, 1980)

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2 thoughts on “A Saving Grace”

  1. Well… I laughed a lot last night when I was told that the garage company who have rendered our motorhome unsafe to drive had sold up last Tuesday! Hopefully the new owners will be operational by next week and will take up our case with the glass company!
    Stressful times. I don’t think I could imagine it all.

    1. Oh I am SO very sorry to hear this Stephanie. That’s you both grounded for the moment. Now a static home. Write and tell me about it when you can. This is definately no laughing matter.

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