What Happens After Death?

This evening we celebrated the Buddha’s Parainirvana marking the death and entering into Nirvana of the historical Buddha, Shakyamuni. The retreat this (long) weekend will end tomorrow and there may well be, in due course, a video or just audio talk posted on the Throssel website. In the meantime here is a bit of Krishnamurti to be going on with.

Here below is the late Krishnamurti addressing the question of what happens after death. He talks in his particular way; challenging, enquiring and with that naughty twinkle of a sense of humour. I went to his talks at Brockwood Park Hampshire in the late 1960s. My family on my father’s side followed him and he was a huge influence on my thinking. It was probably his teaching that kept me at a distance from ‘organized religion’, which on reflection was probably a good thing. Anyway if you haven’t ever tasted Krishnamurti, here he is.

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