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Andrew with carving

Following a variety of related careers as an academic, a management consultant and a director of an international law firm, Andrew now spends most of his time tending the various animals, gardens, wildlife, woodland and numerous visitors at his and Julie’s 65 acre farm in Cornwall.

He has been practicing in the tradition of the OBC for nearly 20 years and has been a Lay Minister with the Order for 16 years.

He has a particular enthusiasm for the issues of sustainable living, deep ecology and all things to do with wood, trees and woodland.

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4 thoughts on “About Andrew”

  1. thank you for kind comments – sorry for not replying sooner but have been struck down with probable ‘swine flu’ though thankfully now recovered.

    Carving has come on since photo taken by Reverend Mugo a few years ago – it is intended eventually to be part of a Kanzeon altar piece

  2. Adrienne reminded me that she took the photograph of you and your carving when she came to visit – all those years ago. I was wondering how the Kanzeon statue is developing.

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