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Living With Distance
Here is an extract from a readers question

Living With Distance

Like snacks? My body likes snacks. (human)

Yes, snacks, but also things like putting on lotion and taking a hot bath and drinking tea and dancing in the living room. Not with the tea. (Wombat and/or Dingbat response)

Note: Such sage advice but this blog is dog centred. You have been warned cat people.
And just in case you are not convinced here below their bio.

We are Wombat and Dingbat, two Australian Shepherds of exceptional wit and ability. With our human, Lynn Ungar, we’ve made a study of the art and science of behavior modification. (If you called it dog training you would be missing all the ways we’ve trained our human.) We’re totally down for all the tricks and stuff, but it’s come to our attention that you humans are, generally speaking, in a bit of a pickle. We’re here to help. Just let us know in the form below what you need. Kid won’t take a bath? People keep shooting up schools? Whatever your human-type problems, large or small, let us know and we’ll use the power of behavior science to set you in the right direction.

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