Renewing The Precepts – Video

This video recording of the semi-monthly recitation of the Precepts ceremony, which takes place on alternate Wednesdays, is offered here for those for whom it has meaning. And for others, it provides a window on a ceremony held at Throssel and also a view of the Ceremony Hall as well.

At the heart of the ceremony is the Reading of The Kyōjukaimon, Great Master Dōgen’s text of the Buddhist Precepts, by the celebrant. The Bodhisattva vows also feature; these are recited by everyone present following the precentor’s lead. They are as follows:

However innumerable beings may be, I vow to save them all,
However inexhaustible the passions may be, I vow to transform them all,
However limitless the Dharma may be, I vow to comprehend it completely,
However infinite the Buddha’s Truth is, I vow to realize it.

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5 thoughts on “Renewing The Precepts – Video”

  1. A wonderful reminder and enough to stop what I’m doing right now, take stock, then carry on. I’m having a short break from a housework day right now.

  2. A lovely remembrance of time spent on retreat at Throssel. This is the next best thing to being there. Thank you for this posting.

  3. Hi,
    we met for tea eons ago at Meiten’s house in Victoria. Hope you are well and travelling the world with joy. Thanks for the Precepts. Always good to remember. Love, Gerry

    1. Gerry! Our meeting left a very deep impression on me. I am so glad to hear from you and that you are ALIVE. What you told me about my writing has sustained me through times when I felt that lifting the pen, so to speak was not something I was able to do. I’ve continued. Drop me a line why not.

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