Advice For Teachers

The Ten Commandments that, as a teacher, I (Bertrand Russell) should wish to promulgate, might be set forth as follows:
See Brain Pickings for the list. Number one is:

Do not feel absolutely certain of anything.

I always enjoy catching up with Brain Pickings. There is always so much of interest and I especially like lists so these ten commandments by BR are rather special.

It is amazing how the days have sailed by. There have been hours of driving, a night in a hut in a garden in Wales, and this evening meeting a charming little boy of two. He has been saved the indignity of being talked to in baby talk resulting in a child who doesn’t baby talk. Happy and bright and smiling. A joy to be with. I hope his teachers of the future will take note of BR’s advice.

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4 thoughts on “Advice For Teachers”

  1. Weeeeeel, as it happens that is my next blog post, in the making. I have so little space in my days at the moment to write however that is going to be my next post. It will be about small space dwelling – which you have had some experience of. Yes? On wheels.

  2. I was away for almost all of August – not connected to the cyber world. Just catching up on all your blog entries. I REALLY like this one. Thanks.

  3. Thanks Rob. And thanks for the other comment you left yesterday to the post on sand. I haven’t really had the time to respond to comments of late. I have been traveling as you will have gathered. Having a bit of a catchup at Throssel before launching into the autumn and winter. Brrr. Hope Edmonton stays away from snow until after 31st October. Traditional to have snow after that isn’t it? Or before?

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