Dwelling On Huts

Huts in an orchard in Wales

How was the night in the hut? I was asked by PA in the comments to the last post. It was hut like I’d say. And as many readers know I tend to gravitate towards huts. Traditional huts. Wooden huts. Four walls and a roof huts. And preferably with a porch. But there are other types of dwellings suitable for secluding oneself with the intention of looking within. Contemplating.

This evening I was introduced to a completely new, to me, type of dwelling. The generic name being earth ships. At first glance they look good. Perhaps reminding me of happy hours as a youngster digging holes in the bottom of our garden. I’d cover them with tin and earth and then…sit in the dank darkness!

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6 thoughts on “Dwelling On Huts”

  1. Tents are good. I’ve just done 4 weeks in 2 x 2 week blocks, alone (on a campsite). Thoroughly recommend!

  2. Supposedly some of my ancestors lived in sod houses in the American mid-west during the 1800’s. Could not have been pleasant or easy…and yet they survived. I bow to them for their ability to endure such harsh conditions and live, at least a few of the women, into advanced old age.

  3. Yes Jeannine, I bow to them too. I have no romantic notions about hut dwelling. However if I should ever live in a small dwelling close to the land somewhere on this earth I will make a point of remembering those who came before.

  4. Chris, I am so glad that you tent time went well. I admire your pluck as I think you already know. As a young woman mother lived in a tent for a summer on the cliffs in North Devon. Lots of pluck there too.

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