After Meditation – Photographs In The Evening Light

At this time of year the sun is still up after evening meditation ends at around 9.00 pm. Traditionally silence is maintained until after morning service. Walking around this evening with my camera, catching the last warm rays as the sun slipped behind clouds, the sense of repose in the place was palpable. A guest taking a breath of air, enjoying the evening. The kitchen monk closing the windows and checking the water boiler in preparation for making tea for breakfast. And out of sight the monks and guests getting ready for bed.

From the library window…wait a moment…where did that cat come from?

Grazing rabbits and the end of the monks meditation hall and main house

Double doors open to air the ceremony hall ready for guests to sleep

Plants in the yard flourish, as do the clouds of bugs

It’s the end of another day. A good day. Thanks to those I met in person, those I met on the phone and those I exchanged emails with…and those of you who come here and read. Thanks one and all.

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4 thoughts on “After Meditation – Photographs In The Evening Light”

  1. After a particularly gruelling day, to log onto Jade Mountains and find these beautiful photographs from which tranquility spills, helps to lessen the turmoil in my head and heart.
    Thankyou so much Reverand Mugo!

  2. I’m so glad that you found the photographs spoke to you. As I was walking around the monastery I did wonder what on earth I was doing since the light was fading and I’d no idea if anything worthwhile would come from my efforts. I mostly went off with the camera last evening as a couple of people had said they had hoped for more pictures taken in the Lake District.

    So who ever you are, sorry you had a gruelling day.

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