Hole In The Head Cure – Trepanation Revisited

Trepanation according to Wikipedia.

Many thanks to Impacted Nurse for pointing out this article in New Scientist which talks about the use of trepanation (an illustration) as a potential cure for Alzheimer’s.

Deep breath, another deep breath…I guess there is merit in knowing what is going on in the world of science and medicine. Personally I like the standing on ones head cure. Painful, yet less invasive! But not for everybody.

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3 thoughts on “Hole In The Head Cure – Trepanation Revisited”

  1. This raises the whole question for me of what if I went ‘gaga’ / lost cognitive faculty, be it for any reason. Given the difficulty of practice with a reasonably well functioning mind, what if ‘ill’ health adds further difficulty? How then would I practice? Would I be more or less deluded?
    But then I guess that’s just more thoughts…

  2. Ouch! There is, on reading the article, a cold logic to it but not without risk I would have thought.

    I know in my nursing past trepanning has been done in the case of severe head injury where there is bleeding into the skull to such an extent that brain tissue is being displaced. But that is an extreme emergency.

    As you say, Rev. Mugo, perhaps head stands are a safer option?

  3. Thanks Norman. I gather from an email I received this evening that standing on ones head especially when ‘under the influence’, in one instance, was fatal.

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