All in the recovery

Devon Splits, AKA Cornish Splits. Take your choice!

The other day, I made some sweet rolls using dry yeast, which comes in granulated form. Halfway through kneading a huge mound of dough, I developed a growing sense of unease. This doesn’t feel right, I thought, and sure enough, it was not right!

There is a moment isn’t there when you realise you’ve made a mistake; spilt something, crashed, fallen over, fallen for a scam, taken a wrong turning, not activated yeast before adding to dough mix! When you can lose it. Perhaps you do.

In my case, I’d not done the right thing by those yeast granules! I could have let the entire world know, but I didn’t, that could have been shame or there just wasn’t the time to make a fuss.

Later in that morning I told one of the kitchen staff, adding (probably with pride): “Everything is retrievable, including one’s composure!” Her hearty, knowing laugh made my morning.

Devon Splits anybody?

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5 thoughts on “All in the recovery”

  1. I’ll be writing that line, “Everything is retrievable…” on my kitchen cupboard! The room where i most often lose it…

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