Origami Ghost

This splendid folded ghost came in the post the other day. Folding is an art and for some, a passion. A lifelong dedication to this three-dimensional art which goes past art in application.

Think of stents in arteries, saving lives? Think of the James Webb Space Telescope, in space, doing what is does. And before it could start operating as a telescope, the massive sun shield had to unfold. An unbelievable complex origami application.

Skill and dedication come in many forms, for example, folding one’s limbs in preparation to sit still in meditation.

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3 thoughts on “Origami Ghost”

  1. When I worked in forensic psychiatry .i did origami with the patients.Origami became a bit of a craze.Interesting how young people labelled ADHD could concentrate for hours making little folded cranes and intricate boxes…. such fun!
    Looking forward to see the paper ghost….

    1. I used origami when I was working as an Occupational Therapist; most memorably in the Sunderland hospice, with a young woman in her 30s who was dying. She had had a career at quite a high level in education but was now unable to concentrate for long periods. She loved doing origami and used to send things she made to her nephews and nieces in London, who responded by doing their own to send to her. I was so moved by that.

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