All In The Mind

Consciousness, believe it or believe it not?
Thanks to Renegade Buddha – glad you are back at it again.

This will not be last time we take a look at consciousness. In the mean time…just sit!

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3 thoughts on “All In The Mind”

  1. Thanks for that Post Rev Mugo both interesting and entertaining.

    Going back to an earlier post…News that the old for new car scrapping scheme isn’t looking as successful as hoped is ammusing.

    We want to save the planet they shouted, use public transport they shouted, oh… no one’s buying the new cars they groaned, oh… people are losing jobs as no one’s buying cars they groaned.

    I know lets encourage people to buy new (greener LOL)cars even if their old one’s still OK,it’ll generate jobs and scrap the older but perfectly usable ones. That’ll do the trick.

    Now I’ll just sit…

    In gassho, Kevin

  2. I can’t remember a post about new car scrapping scheme however I’m aware of the scheme.

    Yah know…don’t loose sleep and peace of mind will you over this. And have a good week-end.

  3. Sorry for my randomness my referrence to the car scrapping scheme was over the post on the Buddhist declaration re. global warming.

    My conciousness seems to have a little life of it’s own…

    In gassho, Kevin

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