Not Nothing

I just published the following in the comment section in response to a woman speaking about her father, who is recovering from a stroke. Seeing myself reflecting on the site and how people might derive benefit from it I thought it worth publishing as an actual post. Because? Because it is an opportunity for me to draw attention to what I believe is the merit of writing and reading this blog. Could be wrong.

So sorry to hear about your father. I hope you have a Transfer of Merit notice up at Throssel – if not let me know his name and I’ll get one posted.

Glad you find this site of help. A source of comfort and insight? – I think this comes through you and your practice and reading here simply resonates with ‘that which is’ within you. This is probably how people derive something from coming here, and keeps them/you returning.

There is nothing of real value to be gained from reading the stuff I publish. However if there is benefit, on the simple information level perhaps, that’s good. The real gain is being reminded that one has not lost anything and what one has, is priceless. (This last sentence has been added after the comment was published.

Thanks for leaving this comment.

The other reason to publish is to offer merit in the direction of a very unfortunate situation unfolding in a distant country. No details possible here however the reader will find comfort in knowing there is a circle of well wishers gathered. Spiritual merit is not nothing, it’s related to the resonance spoken of in my comment published above.

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