Allow the Sight to Enter

Time to take a long look and allow the sight to enter in. Memorial Photography.

Yes, I have taken photographs of dead people. And yes, there is an odd macabre feeling about the practice. No, I do not regret having taken them.

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6 thoughts on “Allow the Sight to Enter”

  1. To take pictures of the dead is to see another aspect of life so sincerely and to accept it as it is, like embracing a death as well as a life. I don’t know if I have enough courage to do, though.

  2. I’m curious by which route you came upon that site, Rev. Master Mugo?

    Photographing my niece, who died during a complicated birth, was an important part of processing what had happened for my brother and his wife. It is that painful loving, simultaneously holding and letting go. She was beautiful.


  3. Did not know such photos existed. However what a good way to celebrate and remember a short life. There is such a sense of serenity and Love in them. The body at peace. Thank you Reverend Mugo

  4. I’m struck by the relatively composed the families. Funny how we’ve come to view death as something unexpected at virtually any age.

    Thanks for posting the Throssel photos too Elrond.

  5. I found this site through the site you can see on the link.

    I’ll take a look at those photos Elrond and see you on the cloister when you are here. You can always drop me an email by the way.

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