The Ananda Bodhi Tree

When the Buddha was absent from Jetavana devotees naturally missed him, so Ananda, the Buddha’s attendant, asked of the Buddha what in his absence might be reverenced and in answer the Buddha mentioned bodily relics, things reminiscent of him and things that he had used, in particular the great Bodhi Tree under which he had attained Enlightenment. Ananda then had a seed of the Bodhi Tree brought to Jetavana and planted so that it would be, as the Buddha himself said, as if the Buddha were constantly present at Jetavana. To this very day, that tree is known as the Ananda Bodhi Tree. Text borrowed from here.

It is not easy to grow one of these trees, especially from seed. However one brave person is growing one in Germany. Good fortune with the fledgling tree, as you say, it’s probably related to the one the Buddha sat under. And should it get sick, they are prone to disease when grown indoors, here is the place to find out what to do.

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