Animals (and Toads) Crossing Roads

A reader in Edmonton sent me this picture today. Too good not to share I thought. Thanks, and thanks to the photographer who ever she or he was.

This is the actual turnoff from Banff, Alberta, Canada to the #1 highway to Calgary.

They had to build the animals (especially the elk) their own crossing because that’s where the natural migration crossing is and after the highway was built there were far too many accidents. It didn’t take the animals long to learn that this was their “road.”

Meanwhile back in the U.K. the toads need to cross the roads.

The ‘Toads on Roads’ campaign is one of Froglife’s most established projects, promoting the plight of toads during migration, recruiting volunteers to help monitor toad crossing sites and working with other organisations to ensure pressure is put on planners and developers to consider local populations of amphibians.
“I wouldn’t say it was the most pleasant of jobs. Standing on busy roads on winter nights holding a bucketful of toads.” Life as a Toad Warden.

This is compassion for animals, and amphibians. Bless ’em all.

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3 thoughts on “Animals (and Toads) Crossing Roads”

  1. In Freiburg, Black Forest, Germany, they built a tunnel for the toads under a road and small fences to funnel them into the tunnel. People love looking after their wildlife.

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