Heart Broken Anybody?

If you have had one or know somebody who is in line for one it’s worth educating yourself.

A woman of my acquaintance has recently been diagnosed with this condition and while it is not good news she seems amused by the name, Takotsubo or Octopus Trap Syndrome. Tako-tsubo” is the japanese name for octopus traps that fishermen still use to catch octopus. In this syndrome, the heart (left ventricle) takes the shape of an octopus trap (tako-tsubo). How about that!

About 70-80% of cases of Tako-tsubo Syndrome (TTS) occur in post-menopausal women under some form of extreme, exceptional and prolonged mental stress,… with no good way out, no relief and often feeling deep resentment (such as the loss of a dear one…)

Well I must have been in my mid twenties when I took my first broken heart to the doctor. I bet you think you are having a heart attack, he said lightly. Here, take some of these. The pills worked. I doubt if I was suffering from Takotsubo, just a broken heart which mended rather quickly. Thankfully the more serious condition is rarely fatal and rights itself reasonably quickly too.

Thoughts for the woman who is in her mid 80’s and for her son, who took his own life. And also thoughts for an elderly woman with kidney failure. Winter is here, wrap up warm.

The takotsubo website is both informative and funny with great graphics.

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