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  1. Standing in the middle of it all. Have not been remembering this week and sadly lost an online friend as a result. Have also been doing lots of weeding and am reminded of your post about removing all weeds in a path, even tiny ones. Same thing, different angles. In gassho.

  2. Such a rush of memories surfaced from this post. Many years ago a dear friend of mine ,Christine Tyson and I paid a visit to these figures. Her mobility was severely restricted because of arthritis and she had a light weight mobility scooter to get around on which enabled her to have many adventures , I was roped in on many of these. We had been staying on the Wirral so because Christine had been an artist she was determined to see this installation. The day of the visit was wet and cold, scooter would only go so far but she was determined to get down on the beach beside the figures, her courage and determination was an inspiration both at that time and many subsequent times . One of the many enjoyable days with her that remain with me.

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