Attention to Detail.

While transferring trains this morning I had a cup of tea ‘to go’ on a station platform. The teabag label was stuck down with scotch tape to the side of the cup so it wouldn’t fall into the liquid, the way it invariably does. And, if that wasn’t enough, there was a small sticker over the hole one drinks from so that the heat wouldn’t escape. In Japanese, the label carried a reminder that the liquid inside was very hot. It was!

For a Briton, this is all good news.

Created on Chino Railway Station in a public access Internet room. That’s approx. 50p an hour or 80c USD

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8 thoughts on “Attention to Detail.”

  1. Good to see you with your Dharma family. Your time in Japan seems very full and busy! How good to be with people who have memories to share of Rev Master Jiyu.
    Nigel and I are off to France Monday – returning Tuesday – the house will nearly be ours!

  2. Well, you look totally at home, Mugo-san. Just back from Canada. So many nice people. I could hear the roar of Akihabara behind your picture. Zen and quantum optics – very similar.

  3. Every evening I visit your Blogspot and something there’s always something new. Its good to see the pictures of you with the Japanese, it brings it home that we are a much wider sangha than at first might appear. I like the bit where you mention such small details as tea bags fixed so they don’t fall into the cup. Wish it were like that at Heathrow and similar places!
    Lancaster UK

  4. Dear Rev. Mugo, It is wonderful to follow your trip so intimately. The meeting with Koho Zenji’s family and the warmth of the Japanese sangha brought happiness to my heart. The hot tea signals that all is well! I can only wish you a warm cat in the lap somewhere sometime.

  5. Mugo bach,
    It’s good to follow your adventures in faraway Japan. Beats Coronation Street any day.
    Happy Trails,

  6. I can’t believe how much you have already fitted in Reverend Mugo. You are often in my thoughts and I wish you well. It is a true delight to read your log and especially to see the photos. Thank you!

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