Rev. Okabe

At Fukuji-in we met Okabe Roshi, who had served as Keido Chisan Koho Zenji’s chaplain for many years, including the time when Rev. Master Jiyu was serving as his junior chaplain. Here, left to right, are Prof. Shimizu, Okabe Roshi, myself and Noguchi Roshi. Reverend Okabe is my Dharma uncle and Reverend Noguchi a Dharma cousin It certainly felt like being with family while visiting at this small temple as we were able to meet in an informal way.

This was the last visit on a very full day. First Sojiji in the morning where we met Oyama Roshi a senior lecturer who had visited Shasta Abbey in 1979 and remembered Rev. Master Jiyu, I could write pages on that visit alone. Then there was the memorable Japanese lunch and then the time with these wonderful monks. Noguchi Roshi did much to make arrangements for a stay at a temple while we are traveling this next week and asked if we would come back on May 1st, ‘for more talking’ as he put it. We will be there.


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2 thoughts on “Rev. Okabe”

  1. Hi Rev. Mugo!! Very glad to here from you today. I received your e-mail through Terry. It is GOOD to have a way to follow your trip. It is nice to see that you seem to be enjoying yourself.(Although you can really tell that technology has really hit when your Monk is a “blogger” with a laptop!!.Is it okay to call you my Monk??. Thanks for your inspiration. I am in a good place now! Bill H.

  2. Thanks Bill. Yes, you can call me ‘my monk’ if you want, although it might mean I will be making all sorts of demands on you when I get back to Edmonton!
    I am in a good place too, keep going ‘old son’ as we would say in England, just sit, then sit some more OK?

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