RIP Tina Turner

In 2020, Turner said that despite having serious health problems, the last 10 years of her life had embodied her ideal vision of happiness.
”I found happiness because I desire nothing. It’s a happiness I never knew existed. In the past, happiness was, ‘Oh I bought a dress!’ ‘Oh have this car!’ It was all material things. Now I get up in the morning and meditate. Inside, a feeling of wellness where you’re sitting there, just where you want to be. There’s nothing you want.
People think when you’re on stage, that they are your glory days. The lights, the clothes…
They were not my glory days. These, now, are my glory days.”
“True and lasting happiness comes from an unshakeable spirit that can shine, no matter what.”
~ Tina Turner

The above was copied from a Facebook post from Conscious Quotes and pointed out to me by Angie. Blessing and bows.

Yes, I am back on-line, having had some time at Throssel to retreat, rest and reflect before returning to Telford Priory. This morning, I pulled out weed from the small pond at the front of the house before tackling the mountain of emails that have accumulated. Glad to be back and read that inspiring quote from Tina T.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful, it is time to take note, why have I not done this before? Thank you so much for posting this. Irene

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