Beware! Words On The Loose

Visions of errant wheelchair user hurtling across the car park attached to a tow truck!

And here is an author who is Planting Words. I rather like todays posting Too Many Words

I’ve spent the morning thinking, reading and writing words. Answering interview questions for my blog tour. Reading and article about long time Buddhists. Replying to an email from a local artist I met yesterday, and checking out her blog which leads to more blogs, more blogs, more blogs.

Sometimes there are too many words.

I’ll be hosting Fiona July 9th on her blog tour for her new book Small Stones. You can see the contents on the blog of the same name.

Now all I need to do is come up with some questions for the interview and then set up a time for a live messaging session.

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3 thoughts on “Beware! Words On The Loose”

  1. Seeing your post on Inhaling and Exhaling reminded me of a bit from Tofu Roshi’s book.

    Asked by a student how to tell whether you were meditating correctly he said – count the in-breaths and count the out-breaths. If the number is the same then you’re doing it right.

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