Give Birth To The Unknown

Bluebell woods

Just five days and I’ll be back on the road, again! This morning I felt like a heavy rock, one not so easy to move. A walk before breakfast with spring tweeting and life getting on and living itself has me moved on. Somewhat.

Down by the river ducklings. Each squatting on a small rock imitating their grown up mother, much like a Tai Chi class. Doing that bird wing thing; twisting their head around, beak under wing, lift up and back and then return head to neutral. Only to repeat the whole move, to ‘do’ the other wing. It’s a après-swim routine I think. There they were, each on their own small rock. Uh! Now one adept is standing on one foot and extending the free leg backwards. Streeeeeetch. Another fancy duck maneuver.

But what of the heavy rock feeling when it’s spring time? A time when the world is opening it’s windows, eating salads and wearing much less. A time to explore, travel, take wing. Give birth.

Spring is attractive for the springy and the streeeeeetchy. Perhaps less so for those with less spring. This is not about age so much, although springiness can diminish with age. More to do with how one regards oneself within time (limited by time?) together with the particular conditions one functions within (limited by conditions?).

Seen as just a fixed point moving through time and conditions we are obviously limited by them. However we are not a fixed point. What is, has already gone. We know , I know that there is a depth from which….we spring! Constantly. The next step into the unknown gives birth to itself. Neat!

Small stone,
big rock,
with or without

Whatever the
there is movement.

What is
already gone.

A thought for those who know this truth only too well. After shocks since March 11th earthquake in Japan have been constant.

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6 thoughts on “Give Birth To The Unknown”

  1. As I write this the sun is streaming in through the window and the day outside is a spring joy. Slowly I am trying to let go my own heavy rock and just respond moment by moment to what arises. It is both hard and easy – hard because I feel my limitation and yet easy because what else can be done? All will be well. All is well. The birds certainly seem to think so, they greet the day at dawn with a fantastic song and continue through the day.

    May we all feel lightness and springyness in our steps and wishing you safe and happy travel.

  2. Thanks Dave for leaving this comment. Glad to hear the sun is shining where you are. In every sense of the words. It is always good to hear news of you. Perhaps I’d better get out into the sunshine now – with lightness and springiness in my steps.

    At the moment packing and sorting is occupying my time and energy.

  3. Yes, I have been scratching my head a bit re my lack of bounce.
    I have an expectation that with the coming of longer days and warmer weather I should be singing like the birds.
    I have a lightness sure enough, as we come out of the cold grip of winter, but I think I have to have a better handle on acceptance of the constant rolling forward of my life, and the changes that this brings; I’m just not quite the bouncy creature that I used to be!

  4. Yes, I do know what you are talking about. I like that you talk about the rolling forward of your life Fedor. Life starts rolling forward at birth and as far as I am concerned it is the same rolling forward that is happening now, and will continue to do so until the time of physical death.

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