Web-Server Problem – Check Moving Mountains For Status Reports

Dear Friends and Readers,
Jade Mountains is having problems. As you will see a couple of recent posts are missing, and yesterday for a good few hours the site wasn’t loading at all. The hosting company seems to be going through a problem time with their servers which is why Jade’s presence is a currently unreliable.

When Jade is having problems, not loading and the like, I will post a notice on Moving Mountains letting you know what the problem is.

I’ve used the present web hosting company since 2008 and this is the first time, within the last few weeks, their service has been problematic. So I’m sticking with them. Just to assure you, and me, they make a back-up of Jade automatically every night.

The last post made on Moving Mountains back in April 2008 has this quote in it.

Surrender the need for the world to be ordered
according to a conception of justice,
logic, rational motives and the ‘truth’.
Develop the stamina to live in accordance
with ones highest aspiration.

To walk your talk.


In the present circumstances this is a timely reminder. Surrender the need for the world to be ordered….indeed.

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