Bless ’em All

To be perfectly frank I got back to my room this evening a bit disturbed. I can’t remember the name of the film but I do remember the focus was on the trap of celebrity in the film industry. A satire and there was cynicism in it too. There was a point being made, and I got it!

Earlier in the evening I found myself making up a song to the tune of Bless ’em All, a war song made famous by Vera Lynn. It is a celebration of today, of meeting a shoal of Jade readers here for the Festival ceremony for Manjusri, Bodhisattva of Wisdom and more besides:

Bless ’em all, Alfie, Mum, Da Ad, and all
And Jenny/Sue/Dave/Dave/Brenda/Angie… and the short and the tall
Bless all the readers and contributors three
Bless all the sunshine and the dah-di-dee-dah
For I’m saying good-bye to them all
As back to their billets they crawl
You’ll get no (fill in the blank) this side of the (Great) Ocean
So cheer up Rev. Mugo Bless ’em all.

Anyway, seeing Jim’s post One Perspective On The spirit Of Jade rounded off the evening rather well. I’d wanted to make note of Ayse talking about merit, just in case this aspect of things got over looked, and Jim got there first. I think my little ditty complements his post quite well…. Do I embarrass myself!

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2 thoughts on “Bless ’em All”

  1. I left a comment on Jim’s posting but just wanted to share the feelings of warmth and compassion generated for me by his chain of posts. May that spread to all.

    Oh, and my mother enjoyed the ‘Dealings with pain’ post. She said, something along the lines of ‘Yes, that’s how it is… I could add to it too… no point in letting it get you down… ‘

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