One Perspective On The Spirit Of Jade

The first reading of Ayse’s posting on Dealings with Pain had me refreshing the altar in our home on which we have all our memorial pictures and ashes of family, friends, and pets. I made an incense offering and sat watching the smoke rising and curling and dispersing. I let go of the surge of love and liberation that Ayse’s penetrating description of sensing the thoughts of love and compassion directed toward her brought up. Letting it go, letting keep moving, circulating to where it is needed and benefiting from it passing through.

I made a copy of Ayse’s posting and gave it to a friend who has been struggling with cancer for 18 months. I read that Dave Robinson had passed on a copy to his mother and then followed the link to Dave’s blog. And then I read of Angie’s struggles and of her style of wisdom. And then I read of Adrienne and her daughter’s plight. I think of those who have read and not left comments, of those who have read and allowed themselves to feel somehow less than because they don’t feel adept at handling things as well as Ayse. I think of Rev. Master Mugo who has felt her way along with Jade Mountains in the fog, in the sun, and with bright going-on-ness.

And as postings go on, I sense this kaleidoscope of images of us all. As this compassion and love circulates, we are all Ayse, Dave, Dave’s mother, Adrienne, Adrienne’s daughter, Angie, Wick, Andrew, Jim, R.M. Mugo, those of us feeling less than at the moment….. At the same time, it seems so important to see each slice of color of this kaleidoscope, each individual.

I am reminded of a quote from Lily Tomlin, an American actress and comedian, who once said: Let us not forget, we’re all in this alone. May we all look past the either/or choices of a world that looks to be this or that and see that there is More Going On.

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3 thoughts on “One Perspective On The Spirit Of Jade”

  1. Thank you, Dave. And it appears that you are beginning a journey, a sort of pilgrimage I would imagine. May you drink from the well often and deeply!

    In gassho, Jim

  2. Hi Jim,

    Offering merit is just one of those things we do in training without maybe dwelling to much on how and why, and that is just fine, but it is a very powerful thing to do. Because it is active love and compassion being made to flow, to go where it is needed. I was fortunate enough to be at the receiving end in a difficult situation.

    When rev Mugo asked me if I would consider writing a post for Jade I e-mailed back saying that in reaction to the invitation the question that came to mind was: What would I write about, and how could any of it be interesting to anyone but those who know me personally?

    I am humbled by the reactions to the post on my dealings with pain and by how it seems to be carried and spread beyond Jade. Your post words well how a virtual sharing space that Jade is can and does express the kaleidoscopic nature of life and training. All thanks to rev Mugo and her “bright going on-ness” :-)


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