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In Edmonton Canada, Michael tests a child for ADHD and ponders on the possibility of meditation helping ADHD suffers. Michaels photographs are something to behold if you haven’t visited his site lately. Mean while Thole Man has discovered a very ancient post box near Lancaster, England. I love these old boxes. As Norman says, what stories they have to tell.

Since I seem to be off around the world over in Australia Ian of Impacted Nurse posted on his mums nurse training back in 1957, photo’s too. There are a few nurses reading this blog. Three I know of anyway, one of whom will see similarities with her early 1960’s training.
Once a month a late pass was issued allowing the bearer to stay out till 10.30 PM. Within the residence, your room could be inspected for cleanliness and tidiness at any time. A single lockable draw was the only private space; all other draws and cupboards were inspected.

RB in Texas regularly posts links to Budddhist teaching video’s, which unfortunately need a fast connection to watch. And last week-end he read a couple of books published by the Shasta Abbey Press. I’m glad you like the plastic covers by the way.

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3 thoughts on “Blog Tour”

  1. Thank you for including me in your tour. I usually devour books but the Shasta Abbey translations are just too amazing to speed though. Those books will be read many many times.

    That must be the reasoning behind the practical plastic covers.

  2. Hi Rev. Mugo

    I’ve been thinking about you this past week as I move through my days. I might have to get busy and send you a proper greeting! Thanks for the compliment.


  3. Yes, please write Michael when you have the time. And RB, I’d never had a thought at all about the plastic covers on our books. But now you mention it they do stay the test of time and escaped cups of tea and general fingering. I see more recent books have more conventional covers, more commercial I guess.

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