Branches On The Same Tree

Mount Shasta with tree

If what I say resonates with you, it is merely
because we are both branches on the same tree.
– W.. B . Yeats

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4 thoughts on “Branches On The Same Tree”

  1. We have spoken about trees before. Another tree I remember is the tree from the street outside our house in London. A Ginkgo.
    For years I had used the tree as an aid to prevent my bike and trailer from being stolen, but was unaware of it’s history.

    It is a species of tree that is sacred to Buddhists and grows near many temples. Specimens survived the Hydrogen bomb at Hiroshima

    So, this ancient Living Fossil has provided security and well being for all types of folk.

    And biologically, one of the simplest in construction.

    I have ordered some sees for this tree, I found out that it is on the critical list in the wild because of us and our need of the male tree, the female tree pongs a bit, of rancid butter.

    After 200 million years why should we be the one to kill it off completely.

  2. Sitting eating a late evening meal and the monk beside me not only gave me this evenings quote but also offered a whole bunch of tree pictures.

  3. I have a special interest in this tree since one of the Jade readers, many years ago now, came to Reading Priory clasping a fledgling Ginko in a pot. It remains in the garden at Reading and I check it out each time I go there. It hasn’t grown much but it is still there.

    When in Taiwan in 2005 high up in the mountains I came across a whole grove of these trees in a national park. So from fledgling to forest, they do survive. And if I remember correctly I saw one in somebodies garden while I was traveling this summer….any takers?

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