Breathe Out Well

Snow in the morning light
Snow in the morning light
I’ve heard that Jade is read on the train. On the way to work or on the return. Perhaps you read while standing waiting for the bus or to order coffee. If you derive benefit well that’s good. However as you read why not pay attention to breathing. Most of us have a nasty habit of holding the breath, as one might if under water! But life is not sustained well like this! Breathing out well makes space for the new breath to arrive, of itself.

I’ve been thinking about the subject of change and embracing change. I can think of no better way than to breathe out well, literally as well as figuratively, and make space for the new. As surely as night follows day, breathing out is followed by breathing in. Renewal, change comes thus. There is no holding back, unless we want to drown!

Britain is excited this night. We have snow! Not that much but enough to remark on and frozen enough to take care when out and about. 

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    1. Yep, I’d say so too. Thanks Shelley for leaving this comment. I took a look at your website and have to say that’s quite a work of art you have there.

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