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Winter trees on parade
Winter trees on parade

Kathleen Taylor, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor gave a speech at TEDx TampaBay (about 10 minutes long) and she stated that people at the end of their lives are incapable of bullshit. People when they are faced with mortality become these distilled crystallized pure version of who they really are.

Facing with mortality, people become more open, and honest to themselves. The things that people usually do in their daily lives such as being right, being important, and being selfish suddenly vanished. That’s what made these people become more human than any of us. They are open to changes, even if they were certain for their entire lives that they were right. They apologize, They forgive, express love whenever possible.
From Bucketlistly Blog

Thanks to Julius for the link. The talk is well worth taking the time to watch. You especially DO NOT need to be at the end of your life to watch it. Keep warm, it’s getting chilly out there tonight.

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  1. Yes, that accords with my experience of working with the dying. It is a very special time and I particularly like that phrase about ‘the pure version of who they really are.’ I’ve thought about this a lot, and actually I’m not sure you can do it without being at that point in your life. Good to be aware though and to do our best!

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