Brenda’s ‘Voice’

Brenda habitually wrote very long letters, always spoke at length in person as well as at length on the telephone. I knew her voice well. Here’s the briefest email she ever sent. Her humour shines through. As does our friendship.

20 May 2000 10:02
From Mugo to Brenda Birchenough
Yes, I looked one more time for that piece of paper and found it thank goodness. I will stay with Jill on Tuesday night though thanks for being willing to have me stay. Now have a safe journey up to Throssel. I do concern myself about you on the road, safety and all of that. Know you are valuable Sangha Treasure, look after yourself and please do not take risks. Steady as she goes. I am taking my own advice too. Sound like a fussing friend? Yes! In gassho, Mugo

20 May 2000 10:25
From Brenda to Mugo
In answer – How’s this for brevity…..
I will
Thank you
What a lovely thought
I will
I won’t
Not Fussing, just caring
Thank you, good friend
Love and in gassho

This posting is for all those who struggle, as Brenda struggled, with their early abusive upbringing. Many people have written saying how they have enjoyed hearing her voice on the audio posted yesterday.

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2 thoughts on “Brenda’s ‘Voice’”

  1. Dear Rev Mugo

    Wonderful posts ~ so good to hear
    Brenda’s voice. Her recorded teaching resonates and is so helpful.
    Gorgeous & heart warming email exchange between special sangha friends. Touching, thank you for sharing. 🙏🏽

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