The Golden Wave – Brenda Birchenough – Audio

The late Brenda Birchenough speaks about a breakthrough in her training (in the 1990s) which gave her fresh eyes to look at herself and all beings. As she says, “I was brassed off, desperate to get out of the monastery”. Having been at Throssel for a five-week stay and with three days to go before leaving a breakthrough came which changed her perspective on herself and her relationship with others.

Sometimes one has to get so thoroughly fed up with oneself for an insight into the truth to happen. It was her intention to train and see into her habits which propelled her to see The Golden Wave. Being ‘brassed off’ helps, the intention to look at oneself honestly helps one not to slide off into despair.

The title of the talk is Let Flow the Golden Tide.

Brenda would frequently question the validity of what she understood to be true saying, “I experienced the compassion of the eternal so how come I’m still judging (she would use stronger language, to be honest)”? I can’t remember what I would say, probably something to the effect that thoughts are habit-forming when repeated over and over. She was blessed with a faith she didn’t recognize and I would point that out to her. Frequently.

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14 thoughts on “The Golden Wave – Brenda Birchenough – Audio”

  1. Brenda helped me a great deal at times,”at times” meaning every time I met her. We would laugh a lot which seemed to benefit both of us back then.

  2. A beautiful talk.
    I have very fond memories of Brenda and having not seen her for a couple of decades,or even longer ?, how nice to hear her voice again. And the message it contained.

    1. Yes Diane indeed, heartening to keep going, Brenda was a trouper. Oh and I am about to post a short video that you will be able to watch. Most likely tomorrow given it’s a bit late to start doing serious computer stuff.

  3. What a lovely talk. Thank you so much for sharing it. I found it very inspiring – ‘Take this self out of the way.’ Indeed.

  4. Aw. Wonderful. Clear. Insightful, honest, warm, helpful. Such teaching. Thanks Brenda. Thanks Reverend Mugo. 🙏🏽

  5. Brendas kindness as a neighbour when we lived on Anchorsholme Lane, Cleveleys in the 60s and 70s. She would drive us over to Lancaster to meditate with the group and she nurtured and encouraged harmony and wellbeing at a difficult time in my teenage life.
    Thank you, Brenda.
    Ian Tilton

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