Buddha Dharma in the Bangkok Post

The country is plunging into deep conflicts and anarchy because the powers-that-be, as well as those who want to overthrow them, are trapped in the we/they dichotomy, violating the Buddhist duty to transcend the false illusion of self – the root cause of hatred and violence.

From an article in the Bangkok Post. The article is an interesting insight into politics in Thailand, where Buddhist teachings are at least talked about.

The article came to me in the post as an actual, old fashioned, newspaper clipping. The son of a congregation member picked it up in Bankok, gave it to his mother and she sent it to me. Written on the clipping was Mum, with an arrow pointing to the title: Power of the Void the Void of Power.

The life of this clipping is a reminder of how information still circulates the slow way. Bangkok by plane to the UK then by car/train/bus to a living room in Yorkshire. The Royal Mail carried it through it’s system and was eventually delivered by Brian our postman who works his round in this valley in Northumberland. Even more amazing is that I can Google Bangkok Post October 28 2008 Ekachai and now share the article with you on-line.

Yes, I do still marvel at this kind of thing.

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One thought on “Buddha Dharma in the Bangkok Post”

  1. Mail/ Post…I really enjoy getting “old fashioned” letters…written in each friend’s handwriting, showing a bit of their character. My grandma, who lived very close to us, just round the mountain, often sent me clippings of things she had read in the newspaper. I’d have probably seen her the next day, but how fun it was to get them in the post. She continued this even when I was at university and all the way up to a few days before she died. Sometimes, I even received a crossword puzzle with a space or two empty that she couldn’t figure out, to see if I knew…and then I mailed it back, filled in or not. When I was 15, I was an exchange student to Veracruz, México and even though I lived with a very wealthy family, our mail came either by donkey or bike! It was fun to see that. Ahhh, you opened up my feelings about the beauty of non-electronic mail! And now we’re off to the temple for the ordination tomorrow! All the best!

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