A New York Times travel article takes readers on a Buddhist Pilgrimage in San Francisco. Interestingly the article is headed Escapes.

“Since the 1800s, San Francisco was the most important gateway for people coming from the Pacific Rim,” said Charlie Chin, artist in residence at the Chinese Historical Society of America in San Francisco, who also leads tours and gives lectures. “They weren’t proselytizing Buddhism, but they brought it here with their other cultural beliefs and practices.”

Today, a spiritual tourist, whether Buddhist or not, can find inspiration if not enlightenment following in the footsteps of American Buddhism on a pilgrimage throughout the Greater Bay Area.

I’d imagine America is rocking following the election results. Some rocking with gladness and others with….all sorts of emotions. I’m keeping a thought for all of the people in this bowl of stew. Now is the time to be still in the midst of conditions and continue the pilgrimage.

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2 thoughts on “Escapes”

  1. I can’t express how grateful I am for the results of last night’s election. There are millions of us who are, in the words of Norman Lear, “Born again Americans.”

  2. “Still in the midst of conditions” – I think Barack Obama has it that gift.
    For once the time zone difference worked for us in Singapore and we could watch events unfold live. What struck me was the generosity of spirit in the closing remarks of both candidates when it was all over.
    The stillness in the midst of conditions is really needed these days. So much good in the world but so much pain.
    In gassho

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