Build Your Own Hut – Bolt-hole

Wower! This looks right up my street.

Sunday 23rd September at 8.00 pm GMT. A new series with Kevin McCloud, of Grand Designs fame, starts off by building himself a bolt hole in the woods. Sound romantic? Read on….
Man Made Home Chanel 4 – this coming Sunday.

Kevin starts work on his hand made home by venturing into the bowels of London. With mains electricity and gas not an option for his bolt hole, Kevin hopes to make biodiesel for a lamp from the huge stinking ‘fatbergs’ that clog up the city’s sewers.

For the cabin’s structure, Kevin cuts down two ancient oaks, and starts putting together the wooden shell of the building.

He also experiments with a Wild West technique of splitting logs by gunpowder, and tries to make the whole cabin mobile because of planning regulations.

Is there anybody who could record the programs (four of them) onto a DVD please? Just drop me a line. Thanks 22/09 Somebody has offered thanks.

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4 thoughts on “Build Your Own Hut – Bolt-hole”

  1. I heard this mentioned a time back but didn’t know when it was on so cheers! I’ll watch it on demand and green with envy, but can’t record it for you.

  2. Well thanks for the thought anyway Kevin. I hope somebody comes forward to record the progs. Good for future reference, and entertainment.

  3. Yes, am certainly going to watch it. Will also record it, but I can’t get it onto a dvd and I think that may not be legal? You can always come and spend a day with me sometime and watch them! Or maybe someone a little nearer could do that too?!

  4. Found out it is legal to copy progs onto a DVD. It is what one does with it then that’s the issue. This is for limited and personal use.

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