Luminescent Splendor In The City

Long haired Guinea Pig

It is always a delight to visit Warp and Woof Knitting (and so much more) Blog and today’s adventure had me reaching for my dark glasses (only joking). The photographs and text convey something way beyond what you see. A bright attitude of mind is an understatement. The author has light coming out of her onto the page and through her lovely knits. I wondered if anybody is spinning up the groomings from guinea pigs….

It would seem there is a project afoot to look through new eyes at beautiful Vancouver. Here it is in M’s worlds.

I have to “go into town” every day for the next few weeks, and as this involves a bit of rush hour driving and the (really minor) hassle of getting into the congested part of Vancouver, I thought I would make it even more worth while by exploring and appreciating this place. After twenty-six years here it could be that familiarity has bred, certainly not contempt, but maybe taking for granted what a lovely part of the world this is.
This beautiful city, with simple crochet.

27th August post – Here is a Medicine Buddha statue, a recent gift, along with more knitting happiness. I just wish I could get my photographs to look so stunning. Perhaps I make them too small these days and they lose the quality of luminescence. You haven’t dear friend!

And the Guinea pig photo is for a long time reader and her husband. All merit to you two in Vancouver and you two in Reading.

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