Celebration Overload?

Down at the station, bunting – home made
Cupcakes in a shop window
and more bunting.

It looks like Britain is having a collective party….

This post is for all those who find themselves suffering from overload, especially health care professionals. And most especially for S.

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4 thoughts on “Celebration Overload?”

  1. I’m afraid I find it all rather heart warming. I LIKE bunting and I feel it’s good to have an excuse to rejoice. She’s done a good job, in her way, but I think it’s probably not so much about the queen as about all of us wanting to celebrate something – and smile.

  2. Yes, you are right of course Chris. There is a bit of residue from my ‘bolshie’ pre monastic me still hanging around in the shadows. Your comment has it out in the open, seen, understood and hopefully on it’s way so I can eat cake! And watch the bunting flutter with joy. Actually bunting always brings an uplift, always has.

  3. Ha! Bring bolshie out into the sun and don’t banish her. Bolshie is good too. Bolshie brings change and movement.! Eat cake WITH her. Never refuse cake.

  4. I’ll have to think about that one Chris. Actually I don’t think one can successfully banish anything and I have never tried to do that. Generally I eat cake with all of me present! So there’s the answer.

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