Celebrating Bodhi Day

Many people have been asking me if we celebrate Christmas and I’ve done my best to say what we do and why. We tend to celebrate the Buddha’s Enlightenment later in the month with a special meal on the 25th and we decorate too. Here is an article from the Huffington Post on the subject.

I think of three ways that the traditional story of Buddha’s enlightenment can be reassessed in the light of modern sensibility. The first has to do with Siddhartha’s identity as a man, a prince and a warrior. The second has to do with his intention. And the third has to do with humility.

On Field of Merit I wrote (Time For Celebration) about the intensive meditation retreat leading up to December 8th, traditionally the date Buddhists celebrate the Buddha’s Enlightenment AKA Bodhi Day. Here are some ideas for celebrating the Buddha’s Enlightenment.

Congratulations and celebrations on the event of a long time reader and supporter of Jade Mountains who is getting married this very day. Well done! It is a Buddha Day.

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