What We leave Behind

It is the anniversary of my mothers death today. She died 1994. Such a very long time ago and still like yesterday, in a certain way. My dad and I had been visiting her in the Cottage Hospital in Lynton and while it was touch and go whether she would make it through the night we decided to drive home. Later that evening the hospital phoned to say she had passed away. She was alone, no nurse beside her bed, no loving relative holding her hand or there to wave her off. But somehow I feel that is what she wanted. To be alone, to glide away with nothing holding her back. She was ready to go.

Some people leave a public legacy; music, art, literature, the development of thought, a major contributions to science, a remarkable career – or an infamous one for that matter. My mother left a private legacy, living on in me now. It’s the same for all of us shaped and formed as we are by those around us. Even now. Lets exit in good shape. And let the public record left behind be in good shape too.

The first post on the original Jade Mountains site remembered my mother. I guess she inspired the site when I think of it.

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